Why official Toyota?

Toyota Central Asia FZE is the sole and exclusive distributor of Toyota Automotive Products for Turkmenistan, Republic of Tajikistan and Republic of Uzbekistan.

We promise to provide and secure “Customer Peace of Mind” with our Official Products, Toyota Quality Standard Transportation of the vehicles, and Toyota Quality Service, etc.. We provide “Safety” and “Security”, which unofficial brokers cannot provide. 


Our Service 

We are continuing our efforts to improve customer convenience.
Clearly differentiating authorized Toyota Dealers from unofficial channels, 
we provide:

  • Genuine Toyota spare parts
  • Official warranty
  • High-quality service
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Short lead-time maintenance through advanced Toyota standard quality management

Toyota Central Asia FZE dealer Service Centers are equipped with state of the art workshop equipment, specialized tools and test equipment, which are required for the complete inspection and repair of all Toyota models.


Genuine Toyota Parts

All Parts supplied though our official dealers are Toyota Genuine and warranted.
The use of non-genuine or fake parts will substantially reduce your vehicles reliability, longevity and the safety of its drivers and passengers.


Diagnostic and repair ability

Our Dealer Technicians are trained and certified to Toyota Motor Corporation standards utilizing the prescribed Toyota diagnostic equipment, software and special tools.
All the latest repair techniques and technical information is available at our Toyota approved dealers.
We urge you to conduct all preventative maintenance services and repairs at our Toyota approved dealers and prescribed in the owners handbook.
This will ensure your vehicles safe and reliable operation at all times.


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Official Warranty

Our vehicles are built to exceptional standards, however to ensure consumer peace of mind, we offer official warranty with 3 years / 100,000 km which comes earlier. Customer can receive service with official-secured warranty. 


Our Commitment

  1. Be an integral part of Society in Central Asia
  2. Go forward with the Community
  3. Work together for further Development